Graham and Michele Myatt

When we rescued our Great Dane “Elton” he had not had a secure start in life and was nervous and insecure.

Being a big dog made his behavior a problem especially when visitors came to the house. Doug was able to un-pick Elton’s behavior and give us a set of training tools and techniques which have made a huge difference to Elton and our lives. We practice the training techniques all the time so they have become part of our daily routine. We can now confidently walk him around other people and dogs and invite people to our house.

Lisa Burleigh

I cannot say enough about how much Doug helped our rescued dog, Milo, overcome his behavioral issues! Milo is a pit-bull mix, and he had a pretty traumatic life before I got him. He was extremely malnourished, and he was aggressive towards anyone but me. He bit everyone from my parents, quite a few of my friends, my husband, and even Doug! We were told that, even with training, there was a likely chance that Milo couldn’t be around other dogs (or cats, etc.), children, or other people. But with Doug’s help, Milo has made A LOT of new friends, both human and canine! Doug also helped me and told me the things that I could do differently to change the dynamic with Milo and his behavior. He has become an amazing family dog, and I cannot thank Doug enough for everything he has done for us. Milo is a totally different dog than he was when I got him 7 years ago!

Claire Pollard

“I’ve worked in Dog Rescue for the past 20 years and I’ve also owned a Boarding Kennel and Doggy Daycare for the past 10 years. Of all the trainers I’ve worked with Doug Poynter is the one I’ve had the most success with. His methods are the most effective and the easiest for owners who don’t want to be dog trainers to use successfully.

Doug taught our New Adopters training class for over 5 years and during that time our return rate of adopted dogs went from over 20% to under 1%. He is able to target what causes behavior problems and then change those behaviors better than anyone I’ve worked with.

If you are going to work with someone, work with Doug!”