Milo sits peacefully with the Burleigh's baby girl

Lisa Burleigh

I cannot say enough about how much Doug helped our rescued dog, Milo, overcome his behavioral issues! Milo is a pit-bull mix, and he had a pretty traumatic life before I got him. He was extremely malnourished, and he was aggressive towards anyone but me. He bit everyone from my parents, quite a few of my friends, my husband, and even Doug! We were told that, even with training, there was a likely chance that Milo couldn’t be around other dogs (or cats, etc.), children, or other people. But with Doug’s help, Milo has made A LOT of new friends, both human and canine! Doug also helped me and told me the things that I could do differently to change the dynamic with Milo and his behavior. He has become an amazing family dog, and I cannot thank Doug enough for everything he has done for us. Milo is a totally different dog than he was when I got him 7 years ago!