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At Better Dog Behavior Now I believe in rewards-based dog training. I do use humane corrections, only when necessary.

As a matter of fact the answer to serious behavioral problems is hardly ever corrections. Incorrect corrections can make behavior problems worse and damage your relationship with your dog.

My experience has been teaching behavior that is incompatible with the problem behavior is usually the answer. Make it more rewarding to perform the behavior you want than the behavior you don’t.

Once you think like that, then the relationship with your dog begins to change, for the better. The dog WANTS to work for you.

When you train and do behavior modification this way, then you need minimal corrections.


I come to you. Usually the problem occurs where you and the dog are together, so it makes sense to solve it where you and your dog live!

Before we meet in person, I do a no-cost Strategy Session by phone to get an idea of what’s going on with your dog, you and your family. I will ask a lot of questions!

Then I get to work training and/or extinguishing unwanted behavior.

Dog training is not rocket science but most clients are surprised when they realize how they have influenced/created their dog’s behavior problems!

I make it my personal mission to improve your dog’s behavior!


Most behavior problems in dogs result from a lack of the proper exercise and from human owners who don’t understand their pets.

Many behavior problems are caused by human owners, who are unknowingly letting their dogs lead the relationship.

The answer is NOT dominance, but true leadership. I will show you how to lead. Once you are leading your dog, then behavior modification for your dog is an easier proposition.

Lastly most owners don’t realize the power of rewards. And most owners are unknowingly rewarding their dog’s bad behavior.

Once these four issues are solved then we get to the task of modifying your dog’s behavior. One of my clients likes to say I modify owner behavior before I modify dog behavior!


Basic dog obedience training is easy. Really easy. Competition obedience is a different story. But most folks don’t want a competition obedience champion. They want a dog that listens and obeys.

I want more than that. I want a dog that WANTS to work!

I will teach you how to get your dog to want to work for you and make Obedience and polite behavior fun for both of you!