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Free Dog Training Seminar

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE Contact: Doug Poynter, Owner betterdogsnow@gmail.com https://betterdogbehaviornow.com Free Dog Training Seminar Got a good doggo with a bad habit? You can fix it! Doug Poynter, canine behavioral expert and owner of Better Dogs Now, will present a free seminar, “How To Lead Nature’s Way and Banish Your Dog’s Problem Behavior Forever!” — new dates TBA after current social distancing rules have eased. In this seminar you will learn: The crucial, foundational ingredient needed […]

What Dog Training/Behavioral Modification Is Really About

I’ve been involved in dog training and solving K9 Behavior problems for over 20 years right here in Richmond, Virginia. Every now and then something happens that reminds me why I do this. One of those things happened today. A potential client called me and she was all wound up and scared about her dog, a female German Shepherd that wants to chase cars. The dog is strong enough that she’s pulled her owner off […]