For over 20 years Doug Poynter has been working with dogs and their owners solving K9 Behavior problems. The first 10-12 years he was basically underground because he was also working in corporate American training and coaching people. During that time the only way you could work with him was by referral.

He started in this business when he had a behavior problem with his dog. Ruger growled intensely at him one day and exhibited threatening behavior while chewing a bone. Previously his dog had been sweet and calm. Doug began seeking every resource he could find on dog behavior including the landmark text, Behavior Problems in Dogs by William Campbell. After an intense period of study, Doug realized it was his behavior that caused Ruger’s problem. At that point it was easy to fix and Ruger quickly went back to being a sweet dog. Friends and vets, who followed his progress, then began to refer clients to him as a result. While focusing on his corporate career, a sideline business was born!

Since 2014 Doug has been focusing primarily on his K9 business, Better Dog Behavior Now. He works with Positive Reinforcement and Behavior Modification, changing dog behavior for the better, while also training the human on the other side of the leash. When Doug says, “In the over 20 years I’ve been involved in this business, I’ve never seen a K9 behavior problem that was actually a K9 problem. There is always the human element involved!”

He has personal experience to back that assertion up and a unique perspective and method that lead to success and Better Dog Behavior…Now!


BDBN 14 | Jumps On People
A dog often jumps on people because they want to show their affection by licking faces and mouths. Although this can be considered a sign of their playfulness, they may get too excited and jump even on strangers and little kids. To avoid causing serious injuries, Doug Poynter discusses how clicker training can help manage this behavior without taking the dog’s action as negative. He explains the best click-and-treat approach for a dog who loves
BDBN 13 | Hyperactive Dogs
As pet owners, we only want the best for our pets, so we give them the best. But how do we treat hyperactive dogs? Do we give them the right food and the best exercise to help reduce and utilize that high energy? Today, Doug Pointer shares some insights on working with your dog to help utilize the energy they possess. He also shares some insights on what to feed your dogs to help reduce
BDBN 12 | Dog Nose
If your dog is acting disobedient, don’t punish them. Give them treats instead. The “search for treats” exercise will get your dog back into its natural instinct of finding and searching for food. This is the best exercise to get them to work and exercise. Like children, dogs have so much energy that if not spent, they get restless. Join Doug Poynter as he talks about the “search for treats” exercise and how you can
BDBN 11 | How Dogs Help Civilization
  This idea of dominating your dog to show that you are the alpha dog is wrong. Did you know that dogs helped create human civilization? Dogs helped humans survive back in the time of the Neanderthals. So this whole thing about dominance is just wrong. Dogs and humans are meant to be cooperators. Join Doug Poynter as he shares a magazine article he read about how dogs helped civilize humans. Learn how these dogs
BDBN 10 | Dog Behavior
Sometimes dog owners seem perfectionists and become too unrealistic about how their dogs behave. But, hey, no one’s perfect, not even our pets! This episode is packed with insights from Doug Poynter on how well-behaved our dogs need to be. He reminds dog owners that we shouldn’t expect more of our dogs’ behavior than humans. Doug also shares some insights on the socialization of dogs. Tune in to this episode to hear more from Doug
BDBN 8 | Correction Training
Welcome to part two of “To Correct Or Not To Correct.” Today, Doug Poynter shares why dog owners gravitate toward correction-based rather than positive behavior training. Find out why alpha dominance amongst dogs is a myth, and discover why punishing your dog does more harm than good. Start rewarding your dog’s good behavior today! — Listen to the podcast here Watch the episode here To Correct Or Not To Correct, Part 2 I want to
BDBN 7 | Correction Training
When dogs “misbehave,” most people would respond by correcting them. But, is correction really the best way to train your dog? Doug Poynter would disagree. In this episode, Doug explains why correction works short term but not so much in the long term. Correction training might even make matters worse for you and your beloved pet. Why? First of all, this method is grounded on a theory that was based on a myth. Second, there
BDBN 6 | House Pet Training
Every single day, furparents face a tremendous challenge: helping their dogs eliminate. Doug Poynter discusses a few practical house pet training tips to guide you in this tedious endeavor. Detailing some tricks he learned from William Campbell, he discusses how to teach dogs to hone the habit of eliminating outside and avoid messing up inside your home. Doug also explains why you should never scold dogs, hit them when you are angry, or praise them
BDBN 5 | Marker Training
Most of Doug Poynter’s clients hire him to solve their dog’s behavior problems. For such cases, he typically uses a method called marker training, more popularly known as clicker training. In this special session, Doug explores the magic of markers in training your dog to be an obedient and loving pet. He explains the basics of marker training and the most common mistakes to avoid. Doug also talks about the advantages of practicing this training