For over 20 years Doug Poynter has been working with dogs and their owners solving K9 Behavior problems. The first 10-12 years he was basically underground because he was also working in corporate American training and coaching people. During that time the only way you could work with him was by referral.

He started in this business when he had a behavior problem with his dog. Ruger growled intensely at him one day and exhibited threatening behavior while chewing a bone. Previously his dog had been sweet and calm. Doug began seeking every resource he could find on dog behavior including the landmark text, Behavior Problems in Dogs by William Campbell. After an intense period of study, Doug realized it was his behavior that caused Ruger’s problem. At that point it was easy to fix and Ruger quickly went back to being a sweet dog. Friends and vets, who followed his progress, then began to refer clients to him as a result. While focusing on his corporate career, a sideline business was born!

Since 2014 Doug has been focusing primarily on his K9 business, Better Dog Behavior Now. He works with Positive Reinforcement and Behavior Modification, changing dog behavior for the better, while also training the human on the other side of the leash. When Doug says, “In the over 20 years I’ve been involved in this business, I’ve never seen a K9 behavior problem that was actually a K9 problem. There is always the human element involved!”

He has personal experience to back that assertion up and a unique perspective and method that lead to success and Better Dog Behavior…Now!


BDBN 4 | Tale Of 3 Dogs
Canine behavior problems usually start with a human problem. You might be using the wrong solution for their problem or giving them the wrong food. Dogs only have one thing on their mind: a partnership with you. Join Doug Poynter as he shares three stories about three different dogs with different problems. Doug shows us what each owner was doing wrong and how he fixed it. Listen to this episode in case you are experiencing
BDBN 3 | Finding A Trainer
If your dog is exhibiting serious behavior problems, it might be time to hand in the training to professionals. Finding a competent and qualified trainer is the way to go to keep yourself and your dog safe and unharmed. In this episode, Doug Poynter gives tips on how to vet trainers that achieve results properly and ethically. Quick results don’t equate to good training methods. You want a trainer who understands your dog’s condition and
BDBN 2 | Dog Reward
Nothing helps your dog remember good behaviors better than reward training. This positive-reinforcement training motivates them to continue to do good, especially when done right. Could there be a dark side to the whole process? In this episode, Doug Poynter talks about the power of rewards and when it is good or not. He shares stories from his own clients that exhibit how dogs perceive rewards and what we’re unconsciously doing that affects them in
BDBN 1 | Alpha
You’ve probably heard of the term “alpha” in your dog training journey. But this term might not mean what you think it does. Join Doug Poynter in this insightful episode as he dispels the myth about the dominant alpha. Most people think that the “alpha” is a domineering figure and dog owners often think that’s the role they should follow to get their canines under control. But this is simply false! It’s not about dominating
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