Free Dog Training Seminar


Doug Poynter, Owner

Free Dog Training Seminar

Got a good doggo with a bad habit? You can fix it! Doug Poynter, canine behavioral expert and owner of Better Dogs Now, will present a free seminar, “How To Lead Nature’s Way and Banish Your Dog’s Problem Behavior Forever!” — new dates TBA after current social distancing rules have eased.

In this seminar you will learn:

  • The crucial, foundational ingredient needed to keep your dog behaving.
  • Why doing nothing is sometimes the best way to correct problem behaviors.
  • The real wolf behavior that is crucial to solving behavior problems in dogs. Spoiler Alert! It’s not what you think! 
  • The difference between Dominance and Leadership and which is better to correct behavior.

About Doug Poynter

Doug has been training dogs for 20 years here in Richmond, Va. Clients have been referred to him privately, and by area veterinarians, rescue groups, and shelters like FURS. He created a “new adopter’s class” for FURS that saw its returns of adopted dogs go down from over 20% to under 1%. Doug has made coaching people the centerpiece of his professional life. He has worked as a tennis teaching professional, and built a career in corporate environments as a sales trainer and career coach.